The collected ideas of Garrett B. Gunderson represent a philosophy of personal excellence, and a working set of principles to achieve one's personal vision of ideal self and life. Below, some of Garrett's profound insights into life, economics, personal happiness, value creation, and meaning are described. For a more detailed treatment of these ideas, please consider reading one of Garrett's books or attending one of Garrett's speaking engagements through any of the many businesses with which he works. Garrett's books are available through The Wealth of Knowledge Bookstore on The Freedom FastTrack Web site.

Soul Purpose

Soul Purpose is the unique combination of perspective, insight, talents, and abilities of individuals that, when combined with purpose and applied productively and effectively, make tremendous impact upon the world and bring the highest levels of joy and fulfillment for the individual and all they touch.

Garrett's close personal friend and colleague, Steve D'Annunzio, says of Soul Purpose, "Living your Soul Purpose does not mean that you have to own your own business or be famous. It means that you are doing what you are naturally passionate about doing every day, whether working for yourself or as an employee. Many people know their Soul Purpose but refuse to acknowledge it because doing so may require uncomfortable decisions. The real pain and suffering from human existence come from not making these decisions."

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